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Dancing the Divine is a calling… a journey!

Through a series of courses, workshops and retreats  women come to know themselves deeply as the source of love and experience the full and radiant beauty, pleasure and joy of orgasmic bliss!Women carry an inherent, infinite capacity for orgasm, manifestation and healing. Sadly, her natural potential has been neglected due to repression of the feminine energy and a lack of sexual understanding in our world today. This has contributed to the confusion, and pain that most women experience.In this journey of awakening the divine feminine, we explore our true nature through the pathway of sacred sexual dance, song & sound.


We are all sexual beings. As we are conceived through sex, sexual energy is the very foundation of our creation.
By embracing our sexuality we illuminate our essence and at the same time uncover the patterns of behavior, beliefs and conditions that have held us separate.


The transformative power of this energy has been used throughout time in many cultures around the world as a method for healing, manifestation and celebration. Incorporated in sacred rituals, the work takes women deep into her subconscious, unlocking the trance patterns that can govern our lives, thus altering our state of perception and realigning to the vast reservoir of our creative inspiration and true beauty.
Welcome to all who hear the calling…